Editorial Policy

At Staple Defense, it’s important to us that the content you read is the best, up to date, and correct. While much of what we write is the knowledge we have from experience, there are a number of checks we put our content through to make sure it lives up to our high standards.

Citing (Multiple) Credible Sources

We make sure each piece of content that we publish, when applicable, links to at least one credible online source. This is another check just to make sure that our content is accurate and up to date.

We also make sure to look for scholarly, academic research when developing articles. This is to combat pseudo-science articles commonly found on the internet, and provide accurate, up to date information for our readers.


While we don’t put my content through the same tests as a scientific paper, we have multiple peers in the industry read through our articles to make sure they’re up to standards.

We try to put our content in front of as many eyes as possible before it’s published. This is not only to make sure that the content is right and accurate but that it’s easily understandable for our readers.

Content Is Consistent with Our Knowledge

While we don’t know everything, we’d like to think that we know a decent amount. Before we publish anything new, we make sure that it is consistent with what we know. If it’s not, we do additional research to make sure that it really is correct.

We also know that our knowledge may not always be correct. If we find that our knowledge is inconsistent with everybody else’s in the industry, we will make sure that ours is changed to be accurate.

Proofreading of Content

Before publishing an article, we make sure that it is proofread multiple times, to look out for mistakes, and to make sure that the content is accurate.

As we read and re-read through our content, we also read our cited sources, to make sure that our information and their information are consistent with each other.