Should You Load Your Mags Before Going to the Range?

Almost everyone loves going to the range, even if you do have some qualms about them. Especially if you’re paying by the hour, you want to make the most of your time. Should you load your magazines before going to the range?

In general, loading your magazines before going to the range can be a good way to save time. However, be sure to check your local laws, as well as your range’s rules, to be sure that you won’t run into trouble.

There are some extra tips, tricks, and things to look out for that you’ll want to know, so keep reading and make sure you don’t miss out!

Save Time by Loading Before You Go

Without a doubt, loading your magazines ahead of time will save you time. Why would you want to sit there at the range and load up?

Going to the range fully prepared to shoot will ensure that you can shoot for as long as possible, making the best use of your time and your money.

This also means more money for more ammo!

Check Your Local Laws About Loaded Magazines

Unfortunately, some jurisdictions won’t like you carrying around loaded mags if you don’t have a “license”.

While I wholeheartedly disagree with that, my opinion won’t stop you from being arrested if you’re doing something they don’t want you to do.


Before you load up 10 mags and drive them to the range, make sure that it’s legal where you are. A trip to jail isn’t as fun as a trip to the range.

Ask Your Range Ahead of Time

Even if it’s legal where you are, your local range might not like you bringing in loaded magazines.

Before you go, call them and ask. Chances are that they don’t care, but I have heard stories where the range likes to check your ammo, or just in general aren’t comfortable with you bringing in pre-loaded mags.

Even if they have an ulterior motive, like taking up more of your time or making you buy ammo from them while you’re there, they can kick you out for almost any reason they choose.

Make sure you follow their rules, so you can continue to use their range.

Use Separate Cases for Your Guns and Magazines

For the best results possible, between ranges and police departments, transport your guns and your magazines/ammo in different containers.

In some states, you can’t have a loaded magazine and your gun in the same case, even if the gun is unloaded, if you don’t have a carry permit.

Doing this will also up your chances of freaking out the people at your range, so just to be safe, bring your things in different cases.

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